Electronic Workshops by Dr. Mady - Teaching you the Basics through 4 Levels

The pandemic has been reckless. However, in today's world, you cannot put a pause on creativity. Dr Mady's electronic workshop is one such kit that allows you to explore your full potentials of creativity, all while staying safe in your house.

Dr Mady's electronic workshop kits are perfect for technical intellectuals. It consists of several wires, discs and boards that are safe for children. It consists of over 20 brainstorming activities to accomplish. From building switches to Door Bell, Fire alarms, Remote Control jamming, Plant watering indicator, and many more, you can get your innovative skills on board with this board game.

The main components of Dr Mady's electronic workshop toys include a bunch of gadgets that you can incorporate together, to make the best use of them.

These kits have been made on 4 different leaning levels.

Dr. Mady Electronics Workshop Level - 1

With this level 1 toy, Dr Mady brings for your children a creative and learning apparatus based on bio-lab. This is the beginners level, for the ones who are just getting their feet into the electronic world. Perfect for biological enthusiasts, The bio-lab is joined with an exceptional analysis box and an amazing magnifying instrument. The analysis box contains a scissor, amplifying glass, blade, tweezer, straight prodding needle, test tubes, decent goggles, gloves, staining reagents, slide producer and some more, which makes It the perfect equipment for exploring the world of dissections. The magnifying instrument is made of great glass optics which makes sharp picture quality and up to 400x amplification. This unit is ideal for understudies, instructive establishments and school research facilities. The box consists of:

  • Resistors
  • 211 varies of captors
  • Transistors
  • Two thin metal sheets with 400mW Zener diode) 8cm 0.5 Watt Speaker
  • 500K POT
  • LED(Red, Green, Flashing)
  • Switches
  • Thermistor
  • Ring Magnet with holder
  • Battery Connect() 
  • Breadboard

Dr. Mady Electronics Workshop Level - 2

This educational board comprises 20 conceptualizing tests to achieve. Every necessary segment consists of information based pictorial manuals.
The items included in this box are:

  • 19 varieties of resistors 
  • 10 varieties of capacitors
  • ICs (IC 555, CD 4017)
  • Transistors(BC 557)
  • Buzzer
  • 10 mH Inductor
  • LEDs(Red, Green, IR)
  • Switches (Rocker, 8-way Dip switch) 9. LDR
  • Diode(1N4148)
  • Breadboard
  • Battery Case(3 V)
  • Battery Connector(9V)
  • Multimeter
  • Screwdriver
  • Jumper Wires(10 pcs)
  • 8 ohm, 0.5 Watt Speakers
  • 2 thin metal sheets

Dr. Mady Electronics Workshop Level - 3

This electronic board game is perfect for kids 12 years and above. It is a perfect learning and education experience that adds the element of fun and entertainment as well. It stimulates building and troubleshooting in electronic circuit building. Its key components are:

  • 22 varieties of resistors 
  • 10 varieties of Capacitors
  • Buzzer
  • LDR
  • Switches (Rocker, Reed, 8-way Dip switches) LEDs (Red, Green, Yellow, Flashing)
  • END 
  • FND
  • Microphone
  • Magnet
  • Diodes( 1N4148, 1N4007)
  • Battery Case (3V)
  • Battery Connector(9V)
  • Breadboard Screw Driver
  • Multimeter
  • Jumper wires(10)
  • Wire loop 20. Cutter
  • 21.8 ohm, 0.5 Watt Speaker

Dr. Mady Electronics Workshop Level - 4

The level 4 workshop from Dr Mady's electronic kit is the ultimate electronic paradise. It consists of 24 components of projects. This is a reduced unit for electron affinity kids as it incorporates binding iron, de-welding siphon, multimeter, shaper and a lot more instruments to explore through the universe of gadgets. A printed circuit board (PCB) with every one of its segments is additionally given for hands-on experience of circuit making. It will likewise be helpful for engineering students. With this, you can Learn hardware through 24 assortments of ventures, Become familiar with the utilization of multimeter and different other hardware types, Build Interest in Science and Technology and so much more.
The products in this kit include:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Desoldering pump
  • Multimeter
  • Cutter

Now you must be wondering, why are these electronic toys better than traditional toys. Here is a bunch of reasons that provide statements to your context:

  • The world is developing tremendously in terms of digitalization. It is important to keep up. Electronic gadgets are a fun way to go about it. 
  • They impart a sense of interest in the field of electronics and technology in kids. This helps with exploring their potential. 
  • They promote social skills in children. It encourages the aspects of taking turns, talking, engaging etc. 
  • It improves muscle dexterity and fine motor skills in young children. This otherwise is not feasible to attain in the situation of a pandemic. 
  • It boosts cognitive functionalities. The incorporation of technical aspects of the game improved the IQ levels of children as well.

If you want to get these Dr Mady's electronic kits for your kid, then head over to the Dr. Mady's storefront here!