Every Mother’s Favourite Gift For Her Daughter- A Barbie Doll

A mother always tries her best to make her precious little girl smile. Be it with her favourite food or the lovely toys that they adore.  Among all others, Barbie Dolls have a special appeal. And thus, a mother’s shopping list always seems incomplete without that lovely little Barbie House or that cute set of Barbie Dolls. And the variety in which these beauties are available, give the littluns a range of options to choose from, even when their tastes keep changing  as they gradually start growing. Here are a list of handpicked Barbie dolls, which have been customized to suit the Indian audience, by adding a flavour of some famous historical destinations with them:

Barbie in India Assortment (Barbie visits Sikkim’s Gompas)

Waking up every morning amidst the high mountains is an experience which one cannot buy with any amount of money. The beautiful heights of Sikkim are so ethereal, that the beautiful Barbie couldn’t resist herself from breathing the fresh air of  the mountains and feeling the soft cold fog on her cheeks. Thus, she packed her bags with her warm clothes and set out to walk through the Sikkim Gompas. This community that inhabits Sikkim, predominately follows BUDDHISM. People belonging to this religion have their own distinct ethnic wear known as the “bakhu”. And since Barbie loves wearing ethnic, she opts for this elegant “blue bakhu” with a red “hongju”.

Barbie in India Assortment (Barbie visits Mysore Palace)

Palaces form the magnificence of the Indian architecture since way before independence. The legendary Rajas and Maharajas of those centuries would construct these spectacles – a product of their extravagant wealth and affluence. Such was the influence of their lifestyle on little Barbie, that she chooses her Kesari yellow saree with a stunning ink blue blouse to complement the beauty of her surroundings. This cultural wear is apt for being a part of the Mysore Palace.

Barbie in India Assortment (Barbie visits Madurai Palace)

The Royal Palaces of Madurai are quite a legend.  The Royal families in the medieval age constituted the Kings who ruled over this certain territory. Madurai is one of the major cities in the state of Tamil Nadu, and has an infinite number of palaces and temples. These historical places are highly packed with elegant artefacts, which is one of the major reasons to visit the place. Thus, when their suggestions were being taken for an excursion in Barbie’s school,  she came up with the idea of visiting the Palaces in Madurai.

When a mother is gifting her baby a Barbie, she is unconsciously reliving her blissful days of childhood. In fact, many a times passing over toys like Barbie and her belongings through generations is a tradition. For instance, a singing Barbie doll which walked like a penguin with a beautiful pink satin dress, cute little studs on her ears, pretty white ballerina shoes, a white satin cap and that spark of innocence in her eyes, was passed on from  a great grandmother to her daughter and then to her great grandchild after 30 years. Well Barbie dolls aren’t any mere ordinary toys. There are a lot of emotions and memories that get created with it and remain attached to it thereafter. So, here is an opportunity for you to create memories and cherish them forever through these specially customized Barbies’.