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Fun Times with Skillmatics Found It Scavenger Hunt Card Games

Found it! The Go Scavenger Hunt game is all about Searching and Finding the objects on the question card. Skillmatics has provoked this incredible Found it edition game, which will be an excellent alternative for your little ones. A perfect partner for your travel time, which can work both as an indoor game and as an outdoor game. These games are extremely interesting and knowledge-gaining. The game aspires to search and find the subject on the question card. Shout "Found it", reveal the object, strive to be the first to gain a victory of 7 cards. Play this amazing game with your family and your playing buddies.

Skillmatics card games are abundant in learning opportunities. They fulfill your kid’s competitive desires and the passion to achieve new skills and concepts. It’s extremely a wonderful way to spend family time together and know more about each other. These games will make children more aware of their surroundings, boost observational and problem-solving skills. Card games need attention and discussions. While playing the game, your kid has the opportunity to interact with the players, whether it’s family or friends, and also recognize different emotions. These will increase their social interactions and can help shy kids feel more optimistic. This is also a way for the parents to educate their kids on how to handle winning and losing. Like saying congratulations to the winner on succeeding in the game and graciously accepting defeat. Well, Found it card games are full of hidden learning resources for kids.

Let's take a look at some different versions of Found It! On the go Scavenger Hunt. The variations of these games are an incredible option to yield skills.

Found It Travel Edition

Get ready to go on to the most exhilarating and educational ' Search and Find' on your next family outing as your child loves to learn through play!
This edition is the best way to keep your kids engaged on any trip. Shout " Found It" as soon as you speck the object and win the first 7 cards. This amazing game will not only gain your knowledge but also will make your boring travel hours feel like minutes and exciting while you're on the road. Found it games are easy to use and a perfect gift for your kids on any occasion. Playing these fascinating card games will make kids more friendly with their surroundings and facilitate observational and problem-solving capacities.
This game is for 4-8 years old children. The product includes 50 playing cards with an instruction manual and a cute handy case.

Found It Indoor Edition

Get your family off their devices and be ready for a super game time at home with this wonderful card game!
This edition is specially designed to play at home with your family or on a playdate with your friends. Shout " Found it" and get your hands on the object to win the first 7 cards. Playing these interesting card games will make kids more familiar with their surroundings and stimulate observational and problem-solving abilities. These games are easy to play and are the best gift for your kids on any occasion.
It can be played by kids aging 4-7. The product comprises 50 playing cards, an instructive manual, and an easy-to-handle case.

Found it Outdoor Edition

Get your family off their device and spend some fun time in the outdoor nature!
This edition can be played in the garden, playgrounds, on the beach, or on a picnic. The game aims to search and find the object of the question card. Shout "Found it", find the object, and win the first 7 playing cards. This game will make children know about measuring skills, number counting, color recognizing, mixing abilities, shapes and spatial relationships, and many more. Playing these engaging card games will make children more familiar with their surroundings and boost observational and problem-solving abilities. The playing process is very easy and fun.
Kids ages 4-7 can play this game. The product includes 50 game cards, an informative manual for the players, and a handy case.

About Skillmatics

Skillmatics develops resourceful scholastic products which allow building core skills in young children. Its clear goal is to formulate highly engaging games that will help children learn and practice key concepts while playing.  It's fun learning through playing games. These games are specially designed for 4-7 years old children. Skillmatics games are developed by a team of educationalists, remedial instructors, subject experts, and design specialists, they all collaborate to generate great innovative and engaging products for the children so that they can constantly play and learn. The products are highly enlightened by Kolb's Learning Cycle and Harvard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence.