Is It Even A War, If It's Not A Nerf War?

The world primarily consists of two types of people - one, the Nerf addicts, and two, those who are yet to be introduced to this Nerf world! Whichever category you fall under, it is time you curate and expand your Nerf collection. Imagine yourself to be an envied Nerf-a-holic, one that can flaunt his nerf mega gun. Or, picture yourself announcing your newfound Nerf obsession holding your brand new nerf-n-strike! Light up the faces of the kids in your house or just gift yourself an escape from the monotonous adulating routine, by bringing home a Nerf masterpiece!

Fuel your Nerfism and explore the best of the Nerf games, while owning your favourite Nerf weapon. We, at funcorp have handpicked the trendiest top guns to make sure that you don't have to surrender yourself in a single battle. Here's a quick view of what is in store for you. Head over to our website to take a stroll down the vast Nerf kingdom that we have exclusively set up for you and pick-n-buy your favourite one. Hurry, cart it before your mock rivals fly them off the shelf!


Now, if the zombies get stronger, shed all your worries! Make sure you grow the strongest, armed with this ultimate weapon. Nerf's brainchild is all set to pair up with your hit strategy. Buckle up, team up with your fellow zombie fighters to keep striking back. Unleash defence against the zombie hordes like never before with the Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow! Experience hands-on crossbow action as you pull the string back with the handle. The drum is equipped to hold up to 5 darts and can fire 1 dart at a time. To add to this treat, it also rotates with every pull to move onto the next dart to continue firing. The bow also has the Zombie Strike story of survivors etched all over, making it score high on the fun factor!


Soak in the excitement, energy, and attitude of the Nerf brand, and touch the magic wand of Nerf for real. Nerf n-strike blasters from the premium mega series housed by Hasbro delivers the optimal blaster performance for Nerf battles. Ooze confidence with every strike with this Nerf n-strike elite accustrike series alphahawk blaster.  Achieve greater accuracy and get all your aims right! 


Be the undisputed winner of blaster battles owning the first-ever motorized Nerf MEGA blaster! The Nerf MEGA Mastodon blaster features an  incredible rapid-fire speed to shoot MEGA Whistler darts flying through the air from its integrated 24-dart drum. Get into action armed with the MEGA Mastodon blaster to drop the jaws of your opponents with its powerful performance. Make use of the shoulder strap for easy mobility to be ready for the Nerf battles anytime and anywhere. Unbox to find a shoulder strap and a 24 MEGA Whistler Darts and let your inner Nerf-Ninja take care of the rest!