LeapFrog: Amusing and Learning Goes Hand in Hand

Looking for that perfect gift for your child on their first birthday - one that will not only suite your pocket but will also contribute to your ward’s development adequately? Then look no more, as Leapfrog brings you the best of toys to serve as that perfect gift. These are economical yet thoughtful and precisely designed toys; keeping all the fun elements and learning materials into consideration while being made. And what’s more? It comes with impeccably incorporated features, and completely stands out in terms of appearances. Here are a few Leapfrog toys that we are sure you will enjoy gifting your kid:



Two little girls are very excited and fervent for their school picnic this weekend. Such is their excitement that they absolutely don’t want to miss out on any of their favorite items while packing for their picnic. However, while packing, one of them says, “I am going to get sandwiches, chocolates, chips and juices, but I am worried about how to bring them all in a compact form.” “Oh, I don’t have to worry about such consequences as I have the shapes and sharing picnic basket from Leapfrog, which can fit in all my favorites and it’s easy to carry around with me too. To be more elaborate: There are strawberries, chocolate cookies, cheese, butter, and also two sets of forks, glasses and plates, along with a basket and a blanket. All of these have been packed in a pink and a purple basket. Also, if someone wants to dance in the picnic, this versatile basket allows me to play music as well,” says the other one.  Thus, this is the perfect kind of basket for your little one. It looks after both the utilitarian and educative needs of your child. So, while everything is ready to be carried around in this basket while you go out with them, your child can also learn all about different shapes and colors with these baskets. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get one of these for your littlun!



The scribbling and writing pads available, enables the amateur tender fingers to scribble and doodle, until they actually learn how to write. In other words, the foremost feature of this writing pad is to ensure that a child can write alphabets both in upper and lower cases, by tracing the lights on the screen. Secondly for writing on the same pad, there is a special pen attached to the pad which is made for writing on the same. And last but not the least, the thickness of the pen is similar to the ones used in Montessori schools, for convenience of familiarity at an early learning stage. On one hand, while a child is scribbling on the other hand they are also enjoying, because the pen is so smooth to write with. It also has some enticing music being played from the writing pad itself. Hence, this green and white writing pad has all the materials and resources, be it the functional feature of the alphabets in the both the lower and upper case being mentioned on the top or the attractive features that are associated with it as mentioned above, for a child to learn and practice how to write.



This minicomputer can be a part of your child’s workstation, to carry out his/her task of learning and typing. This Leaptop, which very much looks like a laptop, is featured with tapping alphabets along with tracing the pictures that denote the particular alphabet as well. For example, when a child taps “L”, one will see a picture of a lion simultaneously. Other than the benefit of writing, a child can sing along 16 songs and melodies which are played from this leaptop and learn animal names too.  Also, a customized feature is in-built which can spell the name of your child. This compact & portable, kid-friendly and organically shaped replica of a real laptop can result into a perfect tool for a child’s development at his/her learning stage. Also, since the whole world is now into laptops and computers, to connect with each other and for the accomplishment of their goals, these little ones can also get into the groove, and do the ground work from an early stage, with their very own cute little leaptop.