Meet Miko - The Little Smart Friend For The Little Ones

The busy lives of parents these days surely are hectic. Making time for children amidst a haphazard schedule, and catering to their delusive administrations can seem a little impossible sometimes. This is where toys essentially come to rescue and help both the children and the parents at solitary levels.

The pandemic has made it impossible for children to go out and socialize. The usual crowds of cricket players in the fields of the evening blossoms have been replaced with a dull and quiet field. Children are sitting at home, scrolling through endless pages for online classes, and counting days until they are allowed to go out and play again. This has impacted their individual and social skills to a great extent as well.

Thanks to FunCorp, everyone has access to the top-notch toys available in the market for these kids and keep them entertained and busy. One of the most amazing rescues is Miko 2. This exceptionally smart toy is essentially a robot that can interact with your kid. Miko has artificial intelligence incorporated, which makes it perfect for live interaction. Based on its computerized programs, Miko can track the child's voice, language, behaviour and even mood patterns! It acts as the ideal friend's replacement for your kid that the pandemic couldn't give. Imagine coming home after a long hectic day and seeing your kid happy and joyous interacting with Miko, telling you about all the new words and techniques the robot has taught them. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? With Miko, you can turn this dream into a perfect reality. 

Miko was founded by 3 IIT Bombay, India, intellectuals, and has been taking over the toy industry ever since. It is focused on solving grave consumer problems by encouraging the use of emotional intelligence technology. It truly is a revolution on its own. A list of advantages that Miko can incorporate in your child, and why you must allow your children to play with this lifelike robot, are as follows:

  • It helps build up children's social skills: Trapped within the four walls of our houses, we as adults have also long forgotten what social interaction felt like. Being in a room of people, discussing your favourite hot topics over a glass of wine seems like a dream long gone. It's hard to imagine what children must be going through, considering how their social batteries are at their peak at young ages. Sitting still in your house, not knowing what to do, must feel nothing better than a prison. This is where Miko can extensively help your kid. With exceptionally advanced technologies, your kid can directly engage in a live conversation with Miko. This will help develop a skill set of social advancement, which otherwise seems impossible amidst the pandemic. The engagement and art of interaction help greatly with a communicative resonance. The social skillset Miko provides is incompetent. 
  • Educationally beneficial: With an advanced companion robot as highly tech-ed as Miko, education benefit has highly profited. Miko is inbuilt with several programs that cater to even the most elusive questions of these young budding minds. Miko can do point by point and direct conversations to assist your youngster with understanding the theme better. It can engage kids while instructing them. It can play instructive games with them, sing for them, and surprisingly read them sleep time stories as well. Now you don't have to feel guilty about not being able to read the stories of Pinocchio to your kids, because Miko can do that for you!
  • Technological advancements: Miko is very tech advanced and can run for up to a total of 3 hours without internet whatsoever. Your child might get tired of playing with Miko, but we promise you, Miko will never. It has beautiful LED lights that can shine as bright as the child's future who is interacting with Miko. This truly advanced technology toy is a revolution in the industry.

Miko has many advanced features. Some of its core technical features are as follows:

  • Ambient Light Sensor for Edge Detection
  • Dual MEMS microphone
  • World's Smallest Laser ranging module
  • 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • HD Wide Angle Camera
  • Dual High Sensitivity to modulateLong Distance Proximity
  • Advanced touch sensor to maintain navigation
  • 9 Axis MEMS IMU Inertial Sensor
  • Hall Effect Sensors

If you want to get your hands on this Miko companion, then FunCorp is the perfect place for you. You can check the entire range of Miko products here.