Revolution of Collectible Cars - Jada Fast & Furious

Jada Fast & Furious cars preserve the enthusiasm of Collectors. Comprehensive lengths of action, drama & nostalgia are portrayed by these die-cast cars.

Inspired from the movie of Fast and Furious, these these die-cast collectible cars a force to be reckoned with.These cars have taken over the Collcetors' world with its unique and advanced features. The inclusion of elastic tires on these die-cast cars makes sure that it stands out. The significant feature includes an opening hood, trunk and doors.

Fast and Furious movie was launched by Universal pictures, as an action film. Since then, many die-casts cars have taken inspiration from the movie, owing to the fact that the movie is based around cars and racing. It was released in 2001, and due to immense popularity, multiple sequesls have been released. The lead actors Vin Diesel and Paul Walker gained immense stardom with this movie as well. It is based on the thrills of street racing and makes it a perfect inspiration for all the toy car companies.

Let's take a look at some different versions of the Jada Fast & Furious Diecast cars

Jada Fast & Furious 1:24 Dodge Challenger SRT8-Off-Road Diecast Car

This version of the Jada toy car is truly a force to be reckoned with. Featured in the Fast & Furious'' Movie, this 1/24 Model Car by Jada comes in a shade of neon green and black. In the movie, the character Brian used this beast in his first race against Dominic Toretto. It was shot up soon thereafter by Johnny Tran's group after Brian and Dom drove onto his turf. The legends opening scene of the fast and furious movie, proudly presents this car. This helps the features of this car truly stand out. 

Jada Fast & Furious 1:24 1972 Plymouth GTX Diecast Car

This beast of a car was used in Fast and Furious 8. Dominic, the character, is seen to use this car in the movie to steal Russian nuclear codes in New York City. To add cinematic values, the car is later wrecked and abandoned. With a stunning black body, the Plymouth version of the jada toy car has taken over the youth and for the right reasons. Its styles are unique, and features cues directly from the movies. Featured in Fast and Furious 2, its classic hatchback model makes it look like it has come right out of the movies. The matte tyres with the white stripes on the body give it a contrasting look that looks immaculate. With its open door, hood and trunk features, it stands out in the community of toy cars. 

Jada Fast & Furious 1:24 Shaw's Mclaren 720S Diecast Car

This car was used for the famous Fast and Furious spin-off – Hobbs and Shaw. This car was featured in a race where Dwayne Johnson, Jason shaw and Vanessa Kirby are featured. It was a controversial topic, because three people were made to feature in a two persons sitting car. However it just added onto the cinematic value. The sporty look on this toy car makes sure it snatches wigs on anyone who takes a look at it. It has become the number one race car for all race lovers. 

Jada Fast & Furious 1:24 Matte Black 1970 Dodge Charger (Street) Diecast Car

This matte black Dodge Charger diecast car screams luxury. With a classic sedan look, it has an addition of accessories right on its hood. In the movie, Dom races the car again at the start of the Fast and furious-6. In this scene, hus sister Mia is giving birth to her son. It is one of the purest scenes in the movies. In contrast to the scene, it's Royal black features makes it look like it's the monopoly of the riches. Perfect toy car for the ones who are a lover of vintage collectables. 

Jada Fast & Furious 1:24 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Diecast Car

Featured in Fast and Furious 7, The Plymouth Barracuda diecast car again comes in a shade of black. Its simple yet luxurious features make it stand out in the toy Industry. Toward the beginning of Furious 7, Dominic Toretto is driving in the Barracuda with Letty Ortiz. They were driving to a mysterious location, which was later revealed as the Race Wars.The classic scene of the fast and furious movie, where the Dominic compete against a race in the first scene, features this car. With a classic sedan look, the absorbing colour of black makes it look like it's straight out of the vintage movies. A must-have for the vintage collectors. 

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