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1 Tired of getting gifts you don't want?
2 Make life easy for your gifter by letting them know what you want.
3 Pick from over 3000 toys, games and collectibles.
4 Get multiple people to chip in for the expensive stuff.
5 Make the gifting process simple for everyone.

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5 Steps To Help You Get The Perfect Gift

STEP 1 Create your Gift Registry and fill in details of the event
STEP 2 Click on Add to Registry on the Product Details page to add a product
STEP 3 Once all your gifts are added, share with family and friends
STEP 4 Secure Payments can be made by the Recipients
STEP 5 Get your Perfect Gifts delivered at your doorstep


We've Got All The Answers.


Gift Registry? What is that?

Are you hoarding gifts that are of no use? Are you passing on gifts you received but don’t like? We will help you create a list of gifts that you actually want! A Gift registry is basically a Wishlist of your gifts for any occasion!

What is the purpose of a Gift Registry?

If you are tired of getting gifts that you don’t want, Gift Registry is perfect for you. It is the best way to get gifts that you love or want. Using a Registry is as simple as creating a Wishlist! The difference is that this Wishlist will get shared among your friends and family and they can choose the item they want to gift to you! This list can be curated for you or a special someone for birthdays, baby showers, house warming, anniversaries and even surprise parties!

What occasions can I create a Gift Registry for?

From baby showers to housewarmings, farewells and birthdays, the list is endless. You can create a Registry for any giftable occasion.

How do I create a Gift Registry?

It's easy! Go to your Account and choose the Gift Registry option or Visit Click Here and get started in 3 easy steps. Add your favorite products to the Registry and curate your registry, then share it with your world. Please note, you must be a user on Funcorp in order to create Gift Registry

Who is a Gift Recipient?

A gift recipient is a person who will be receiving the gift. You can create a Gift Registry for yourself or for your friends/family members or anyone you know.


How will any person find my Gift Registry?

It’s extremely simple! After you’ve curated your final list you can start sharing it with your friends and family on Social Media, E-mail or even Whatsapp using the URL for your Registry! They can even search for your registry name in the Funcorp Gift Registry Section!

How do I find a Gift Registry made by my someone I know?

You can easily search for your acquaintance’s Registry via their name or email ID. Alternatively, you can also ask them to share the unique link to their Registry.


How do I buy a gift from my friend's Gift Registry?

Although all registries are public, using the unique URL for your friend/family’s registry is preferred as sensitive information such as recipient details like shipping address and contact details are kept private. Once you visit the registry, browse through the products and select the gift you want to pay for and place an order to buy it.

How does 'Make A Contribution' on the Gift Registry products work?

If you are not sure about buying an entire product, we also present to you the option of making a contribution towards it. Just decide how much you would want to contribute and click on the Make a Contribution button, proceed to checkout to confirm your contribution. The order will be confirmed when we receive a full contribution matching the exact amount of the product.

What if I can't decide which product to gift?

If you're confused about what to pick from the choices available, just choose a Funcorp Gift Card for the desired amount, and we’ll share it with the recipient on mail!